The industrial ‘ruinscapes’ that define the proposed
Peckham Coal Line linear park, form the venue for this
exploration. Inspired by the rich industrial heritage of
the coal siding I utilised and up-cycled the fine grained
Australian hard wood Jarrah, hidden for half a century
inside discarded railway sleepers.

Incorporating play theory to enriching the experience
of place and challenge the rules of ‘the design game’,
offering a more engaging and insightful process when
collaborating with people and locations to inform the
design, supporting a more social, flexible and resilient

Creating furniture that incorporates elements to climb,
sit, lounge and collect, offering playful interactive
choices within the landscape. As mass urbanization
and mobile populations are reshaping our cities and
the fluid, complex world around us becomes the
norm, it is increasingly vital when creating urban
environments such as these that engage communities
with the surroundings in which they live.